As an experienced entrepreneur, I quickly recognized that the advent of the Internet would revolutionize the way we do business. It seemed equally clear that mobile technology and the phenomenon of social networks would have an even greater effect on the way the consumer chooses his suppliers of goods and services.

That is why I chose to create and develop GR Business Networking®, the total innovation of the networking concept.

Then I decided to create and develop Groog IT®, a new and innovative technological platform that will meet the consumers and users actual standards and GR-SOFT®

I invite you to discover and enjoy a complete tool box that will allow your company to adapt to the era of communications through social media.

After all, it isn’t always the first party that crosses the finish line first; however, one must nonetheless decide to enter the race to have a chance.

In a world that offers an abundance of choices, it has become important to stand out more among the competitors. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated and of course, they are looking for retailers that stand out. The desire to get the most for their money coupled with a professional and courteous service is what they expect.

Some are still waiting for clients to cross their doors; the winners will be those who speak to them before they welcome them.

Eric Pichette – CEO & Founder